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written by J. R. Murray, fl. 1917 and Sir Claude Mallet, fl. 1904, United Kingdom. Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Office of the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in CO - Records of the Colonial Office, Commonwealth and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, Empire Marketing Board, and related bodies. Division within CO - Correspondence with the colonies, entry books and registers of correspondence. CO 318 - Colonial Office and Predecessors: West Indies Original Correspondence. CO 318/339 - Correspondence, Original - Secretary of State: Correspondence from the Foreign Office on matters relating to the West Indies dated August to December 1916, from the War Office dated January to June, and from the India Office, Board of Trade and Treasury sent during the year, of United Kingdom. National Archives at Kew (London, England - Kew) (1916), Forwards a report from Mr Murray, Acting British Consul at Colon, concerning the steps taken to effect a settlement of claims of British West Indians against the Land Department of the Panama Canal. Foreign Office, folios 134-142 (CO/318/339/24) , 7 page(s)