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26 Simultaneous Mosaics
Composer: Henry Cowell, 1897-1965
Adagio con molto Sentimento d'Affetto
Composer: Benedict Mason, 1954-
After Colonna
Composer: Sadie Harrison, 1965-
After Forgetting
Composer: Keeril Makan, 1972-
After Serra
Composer: Jason Eckardt, 1971-
  • After Serra, performed by Ensemble 21, Taimur Sullivan and Marilyn Nonken; from CD Out of Chaos (Mode Records)
Alegoria Tri-partita
Composer: Hilda Paredes, 1957-
Altro Festone
Composer: Ohmae Satoshi, 1943-
Composer: Richard Toensing, 1940-
Armonia Domesticana
Composer: Benjamin Carr, 1768-1836
Aurtxo Seaskan
Composer: Gabriel Olaizola