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The Bells
Composer: Poul Ruders, 1949-
Bending Mercury Waves
Composer: Ryan Carter, 1981-
Bestiary 1: Eingang
Composer: George Cacioppo, 1927-1984
Composer: João Pedro Oliveira, 1959-
Beyond the Sound Curtain
Composer: 楊聰賢 (Tsung-Hsien Yang), 1952-
Composer: Gabriel Mălăncioiu, 1979-
  • Bhava (Gabriel Mălăncioiu)
Bildnis: Anakreon
Composer: Wolfgang Rihm, 1952-
Birds in Warped Time II
Composer: Somei Satoh, 1947-
  • Birds in Warped Time II, performed by Lise Messier, Margaret Leng Tan, 1945-, Michael Pugliese, 1956-1997 and Frank Almond; from CD Litania (New Albion Records)
Composer: Michele Negro
  • Bis (Taukay Edizioni Musicali)
Black Magic (Mojo Hand)
Composer: Lewis Nielson, 1950-