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Ukrainian Shumka Dancers 2
Ulrich Morhart, I (Publisher) 2
Ultimate Outdoors TV 1
Ultra Films 1
UN Peacemaker 34
Unearthed 1
Union Carbide India 1
Union Libérale Israélite 2
Union of Concerned Scientists 1
United Church of Christ. Commission for Racial Justice 1
United Fruit Company 1
United Kingdom. British Library 5
United Kingdom Committee for UNICEF 2
United Kingdom. Department for International Development 1
United Kingdom. Department for Transport 2
United Kingdom. Department of Health 3
United Kingdom. Foreign and Commonwealth Office 4
United Kingdom. Foreign Office. Control Commission for Germany (British Element) 1
United Kingdom. Government Legal Service. Government Legal Department 1
United Kingdom. Her Majesty's Stationery Office 24
United Kingdom. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 59
United Kingdom. Ministry of Labour 2
United Kingdom. Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation 1
United Kingdom. National Archives at Kew 24