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Comisión de Orientación Revolucionaria de la Dirección Nacional del PURSC 1
Comités de Acción Comunal en Nutrición 3
Commercial Press 1
Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives 1
Commissione Israelitica di Mantova 1
Committee of Inquiry Into Crowd Safety and Control at Sports Grounds 1
Conrad Eifrid (Publisher) 1
Conrad Resch, I (Publisher) 1
Consistoire israélite de Lyon 1
Consistoire israélite de Paris 1
Consolidated Milling 1
Constable and Company 1
A. Constable 1
Continental Scale Works 1
Corn Products Refining 1
Cornell University Press 63
Cosimo Publishers 1
Council of Europe. European Court of Human Rights 1
Council on Social Work Education 67
CRC Press 1
Crescent Foods 1
Cuba. Embassy (London, England) 1
Cultural Association of the Solomon Islands 1
Cummings, Hilliard and Company 2
D. M. (Publisher) 1