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Publisher Related works
Christian Musicological Society of India 1
Christian Woman's Board of Missions 1
Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women 18
Colorado. Commission on the Status of Women 15
Colorado. Committee for Women's History 1
Colorado. Department of Education 1
Colorado. Judicial Branch 1
Colorado. Legislature. Legislative Council 1
Colorado. Small Business Development Center 1
Columbia University. Teachers College 1
Committee for Economic Development 1
Committee on Gender Equality of the Maryland Judiciary, Annapolis, MD 1
Committee on Wisconsin Women 1
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Legislative Research Bureau 1
Connecticut League of Women Voters 1
Connecticut Task Force on Gender, Justice and the Courts 1
Connecticut. Auditor of Public Accounts 2
Connecticut. Department of Labor 1
Connecticut. General Assembly 1
Connecticut. Permanent Commission on the Status of Women 130
Council of Europe 1
Council of State Governments 1
County of Santa Clara. Commission on the Status of Women 9
Creative Outlook 1
D. B. Taraporewala Sons 1