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United Kingdom. Parliament. House of Commons 8
United Nations. Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees 8
United States. Congress 8
United States. General Accounting Office. General Government Division 8
University Microfilm 8
University of California, Berkeley 8
University of Delaware Press 8
University of Kansas. Black Student Union 8
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis 8
University of Minnesota, Morris. West Central Minnesota Historical Research Center. Archives 8
University of Texas, El Paso. Library. Special Collections Department. Institute for Oral History 8
University of the South Pacific. Institute of Pacific Studies 8
United Nations. Security Council 7
United States. Department of Health and Human Services 7
United States Institute of Peace 7
United States. National Archives and Records Administration. Office of the Federal Register 7
United States. National Center for Health Statistics 7
University of Ibadan 7
University of Wisconsin, Madison 7
University Press of Florida 7
Union Panamericana 6
United Nations. Department of Global Communications 6
United Nations Development Programme 6
United People Arriba 6
United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs 6