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Publisher Related works
I. Steinmann 1
Idaho. Commission on Women's Programs 7
Idaho. Supreme Court. Fairness and Equality Committee 1
Illinois Task Force on Gender Bias in the Courts 1
Illinois. Governor's Commission on the Status of Women in Illinois 28
Illinois. Legislative Council 1
Imp. de la Tribune de Genève 1
Imprenta Federación gráfica bonaerens 1
Imprimerie d'Études sociales & politiques 1
Independent Woman (magazine) 4
Indiana State Bar Association 1
Indiana University Press 3
Indiana. Commission on Race and Gender Fairness 2
Indiana. Commission on the Status of Women, Indianapolis, IN 11
Indonesia. Minister of State for the Role of Women 1
Infantile Paralysis Fellowship 4
Institute for Women's Policy Research 74
Inter-Allied Film Producers, Great Britain 1
International Abolitionist Federation 3
International Alliance of Women 1
International Council of Jewish Women 2
International Council of Social Democratic Women 1
International Council of Women 4
International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa 1
International Federation for the Abolition of State Regulation of Prostitution. British Committee 1