File Folder: Development of Welfare Facilities for West Indian Immigrants in Sheffield, 1957-1959
written by United Kingdom. Colonial Office. West Indian Department, in CO - Records of the Colonial Office, Commonwealth and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, Empire Marketing Board, and related bodies. Division within CO - Correspondence with the colonies, entry books and registers of correspondence. CO 1031 - Colonial Office and Commonwealth Office: West Indian Department: Registered Files (WIS Series), of United Kingdom. National Archives at Kew (London, England - Kew) (1958), Development of welfare facilities in Sheffield for immigrants from West Indies. Letter from Sheffield City Council requesting a Colonial Office Welfare Officer and various drafts of the Colonial Offices negative reply. Minutes of a meeting of the Committee on West Indian Immigrants during which Sheffield is mentioned. Minutes of a meeting of the Committee of West Indian Immigrants concerning the secondment of West Indian teachers to British schools. (CO/1031/2540) , 2 page(s)