in CO - Records of the Colonial Office, Commonwealth and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, Empire Marketing Board, and related bodies. Division within CO - Correspondence with the colonies, entry books and registers of correspondence. CO 1031 - Colonial Office and Commonwealth Office: West Indian Department: Registered Files (WIS Series), of United Kingdom. National Archives at Kew (London, England - Kew) (1959), West Indies clubs and associations in UK. Minutes of the first meeting of the Advisory Committee to the West Indies Commission, a body that contained an influential cross section of those closely involved with West Indian immigration. Discussion by the Committee on ways of improving relations between the races in general terms. List of West Indian clubs and associations throughout the country. Report on the many benefits that such organisations provided for both the individual and community. Review of the work of the Community Development Section focusing on the organisation of the group and it efforts to achieve greater integration throughout the United Kingdom. , 1 page(s)