File Folder Cover: Illegitimate Children; Homes for Coloured Children, by Ministry of Health, June 9, 1959
written by United Kingdom. Ministry of Health, in MH - Records created or inherited by the Ministry of Health and successors, Local Government Boards and related bodies. Division within MH - Records of the Health Divisions. MH 55 - Ministry of Health: Health Divisions: Public Health Services, Registered Files (93,000 Series) and Other Records. Subseries within MH 55 - Children, of United Kingdom. National Archives at Kew (London, England - Kew) (1959), Homes for 'coloured' children. Contains a report from the League of Coloured Peoples sent to Aneurin Bevin, the then Secretary of State for Health, asking the government to make provisions for the welfare of illegitimate children of African-American soldiers who had been stationed in Britain during the Second World War. Includes discussions on various proposed solutions, such as sending the children to the USA. Also included are contemporary newspaper articles and reports from social workers inspecting the legitimacy of several 'children's homes' that had been set up by private individuals. (MH/55/1656) , 1 page(s)