II: Addresses at the Conference
written by Mabel Cratty, 1868-1928, Edith Terry Bremer, 1885-1964, Karl Fries, fl. 1914, Lucy J. Tritton, 1851-1919, M. Breitenstein, fl. 1914, Mille C. Savary, fl. 1914, A. E. Thomson, fl. 1914, Louise Homquist, fl. 1914, Paul LeSeur, fl. 1914, Martha Revall, fl. 1914, Henny Dons, fl. 1914, Marie Bruneton, fl. 1914 and Una M. Saunders, fl. 1914; in Report of the Fifth Conference: Stockholm, June 10th-18th, 1914 [Our Unfolding Purpose] (London, England: Newham, Cowell and Gripper, 1914), [35]-253