Reality Therapy: Robert Wubbolding, EdD is Professor of Counseling at Xavier University, Director of the Center for Reality Therapy in Cincinnati and Senior Faculty at the William Glasser Institute in Los Angeles. He has published 125 articles and book chapters, ten books and seven videos on reality therapy, and has taught reality therapy and choice theory all over the world. Wubbolding believes that as human beings we have much more control over our lives than we think, and that the challenge is to learn how to be more responsible in our drives for belonging, power, enjoyment, freedom and survival. In this session, Wubbolding works with a graduate student who lacks focus in his efforts to complete his master's thesis and make pivotal life decisions. This challenging client is initially difficult to pin down, speaking in tangents and diverting Wubbolding's questions throughout the session. However, Wubbolding is able to reel him in during key moments, leading the client to realize that it is his motivation, not external factors that prevent him from moving forward with his thesis and other life decisions. Before the session, Jon Carlson and Diane Kjos talk with Wubbolding about his approach and, after viewing a tape of the session, they also facilitated a group discussion on the approach.
in Reality Therapy Collection with Dr. Robert E. Wubbolding; presented by Robert E. Wubbolding, 1936-; in Psychotherapy with the Experts (Alexandria, VA: Alexander Street Press, 2009), 17-17