Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Volume 9 - Australia and the Pacific Islands: Part 1 Introduction to Oceania and Its Music: Musical Migrations
written by Adrienne L. Kaeppler, 1935-, Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman, Demeter Tsounis, Catherine Falk, Dorothy O'Donnell, Linda Barwick, Michael Ryan, Helen Reeves Lawrence, fl. 1992, Don Niles, fl. 1998, Rokucho Billy, Kim Bailey, Donald Brenneis, Ricardo D. Trimillos, Ted Solís, fl. 1989, Lynn J. Martin, fl. 1999, Judy Van Zile, Allan Thomas and Jennie Coleman; edited by Adrienne L. Kaeppler, 1935- and J.W. Love (Routledge (Publisher), 1998), 54 page(s)