The Sleeping Beauty
directed by Sir Anthony Dowell, 1943-; conducted by Barry Wordsworth; choreographed by Marius Petipa, 1818-1910 and Sir Frederick Ashton, 1904-1988; designed by Maria Björnson, Maria Björnson, Pat Collins, fl. 1976; produced by Sir Anthony Dowell, 1943-, Bob Lockyer, 1942- and Revel Guest, 1931-; performed by Viviana Durante, 1967-, Zoltan Solymosi, 1967-, Sir Anthony Dowell, 1943-, Benazir Hussain, fl. 2002, William Tuckett, 1969-, Elizabeth McGorian, 1960-, David Drew, fl. 1955, Errol Pickford, Leanne Faye Benjamin, 1964-, Peter Abegglan, fl. 1985 and Larissa Bamber, fl. 1986, Royal Ballet and Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (Opus Arte, 1996), 2 hours 13 mins