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Yalta Conference FDR: The War Years
7 May 2010
Yanomami Philosophy: Preservation for the Future (Indians in Brazil: Children of the Land) Indians in Brazil: Children of the Land (Mother Earth)
Jenna Makowski, Alexander Street Press
Yanomami leader Davi Kopenawa explains the crucial importance of preserving the land and the cyclical rings of disaster and death that result from lumber and gold exploitation in the Amazon.
25 Jun 2013
Yanomami Philosphy: Relationship to Nature (Indians in Brazil: Children of the Land) Indians in Brazil: Children of the Land (Mother Earth)
Jenna Makowski, Alexander Street Press
The Yanomami relationship to the land is one of reciprocity: Nature gives to them the means to survive as long as they take care of it. Nature speaks to the Yanomami in soft ways, and they listen.
25 Jun 2013
Yanomamo: Arrow Game Arrow Game
Jenna Makowski, Alexander Street Press
In the center of the village, young boys shoot blunt arrows at each other to improve their archery skills. It is a hazardous game for the arrows can put out an eye. Möawä's son, Auma , was wounded below the eye in this battle. The game ended when Möawä threatened to avenge his son. Möawä's brother consoled Auma and inspected his superficial wound.
30 Aug 2013
Yanomamo: Gift-giving and Avoidance Taboo (Bride Service) Bride Service
Jenna Makowski, Alexander Street Press
Ethnographic raw footage illustrating gift-giving traditions in Yanomamo culture and its associated taboos.
30 Aug 2013
Yearbook Picture to Protest RBG
Raymond Horchos
15 Oct 2020
Years of Decline (Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling With Life) Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling With Life
Kathleen Saylor, Alexander Street Press
He tried to maintain intensity in his writing and worked diligently on “Garden of Eden,” “Islands in the Stream,” and his African journal but never felt these works were fit to be published. In 1947 his son Patrick was severely injured in an automobile accident. In 1951, his mother Grace died, and in the same year his second wife Pauline suddenly died of a tumor. The deaths of editor Maxwell Perkins and of publisher Charles Scribner were bitter blows to Hemingway as well.
19 Aug 2013
yellow journalism America Becomes a World Power
5 Aug 2013
Yellow Peril Who Killed Vincent Chin?
Jenna Loyd
context of Vincent Chin's murder
25 Mar 2020
yes U.S. Dust Bowl
5 Dec 2018
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