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Watergate Scandal (Infamous Places) Watergate Hotel and Clapham Junction
Kathleen Saylor, Alexander Street Press
The Watergate scandal was a political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s and eventually led to the resignation of U.S. President, Richard Nixon.
12 Sep 2013
Watermelon Woman clip 3
Nia Easley
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2 Sep 2020
Watteau - Gilles (Sister Wendy's Grand Tour, Episode 8) Episode 8
Danielle Sargent, Alexander Street
In this painting by French artist Jean-Antoine Watteau, an actor dressed as the commedia dell’arte character Pierrot (also known as Gilles) stands in front of four other actors and a donkey. Gilles’s costume is ill-fitting and his expression is somber and vulnerable, but brave. Though in his silly costume, the man is not acting – he is being seen as himself, without the mask of drama. Soon after this painting was completed, both Watteau and an actor friend of his who often played Gilles both died of tuberculosis.
31 Jul 2013
Ways to Help Developing Countries (Globalization and Developing Nations) Globalization and Developing Nations
Jenna Makowski, Alexander Street Press
Stiglitz argues that the most effective ways to help developing countries include: funding for education, health and infrastructure, and ensuring that they are fairly paid for their resources.
10 Sep 2013
WDEP Reality Therapy in Groups
USC Counselling Dept
14 Oct 2013
WDEP Reality Therapy Demonstrations
24 Jan 2016
We are women and men
Sydni Wells
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23 Oct 2019
We Must Save Our Planet Clip Our Blue Planet
15 Dec 2020
we werent brought as citizens Malcolm X: Speech excerpt "Ballot or the Bullet"
17 Nov 2018
We're people too.
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1 Oct 2012
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