Armenian Music Through the Ages

Armenian Music Through the Ages

(Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, 1993), 57 mins

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World Music
Hagopian is a virtuoso on the ’ud (oud), a principal instrument of Armenian, Turkish, and Arab musical traditions. Included in his repertory are both Armenian classical and folk styles, which in the U.S. have received little exposure outside of the Armenian community. This National Heritage Fellowship award winner and his small ensemble perform 13 brilliant selections. "Serenity and dignity on first hearing.... Behind that veil, however...tension and passion smoulder in the deep." — Wereldmuziek Update
Content Type
Music recording
57 mins
Sub Genre
Instrumental, Piece
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Release Date
World Music, Music & Performing Arts, Middle East, Central Asia, Oriente Médio, Oriente Medio, Ásia Central, Asia Central, Armenia, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Historical Place)
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Oriente Médio, Oriente Medio, Ásia Central, Asia Central