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Africa-America Institute 1
African Court of Human and Peoples' Rights 1
Allis-Chalmers 1
Al-Qaeda 3
American Bar Association 3
American Committee for Armenian Independence 6
American Committee for Relief in the Near East 3
American Red Cross 1
Amnesty International 3
Arab League 1
Argentina. Permanent Assembly for Human Rights. Commission on Women and Their Rights 1
Argentina. Permanent Assembly for Human Rights 1
Argentine Human Rights Commission 1
Armenia America Society 4
Armenian Apostolic Church, West Hoboken, NJ 1
Armenian National Committee of America 2
Armenian National Union of America 3
Army of Republika Srpska 23
Asian Centre for Women's Human Rights 1
Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and the Exporters Association 1
Black Leadership Forum 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina. Army 5
Boston Globe 1
Burma. State Peace and Development Council 3
Cambodia. Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia 4