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The Unanswered Question
composed by Charles E. Ives, 1874-1954 (1906); conducted by Harry Christophers, 1953-; produced by Mark Brown, 1962-; performed by Ruth Dean, Carys Lane, Sally Bruce-Payne, Neil MacKenzie, Robert Evans and Libby Crabtree, BBC Philharmonic and The Sixteen; in à la Gloire de Dieu (Coro, 2003), 5 mins  
Mvt. 1: The Unanswered Question (5:11) from The Unanswered Question (The Unanswered Question) by Ives, Charles (Edward), in Coro: COR16013 performed by Dean, Ruth (Musician), Christophers, Harry (Conductor) (Coro, COR16013, 1994)
17 Jul 2013
composed by Béla Bartók, 1881-1945 (1936); conducted by Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, 1923-; produced by Dennis Rooney; performed by Minnesota Orchestra; in Bartók: Works for Orchestra (Vox), 8 mins  
Mvt. 2: Allegro (7:40) from Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta, Bb. 114 / Sz. 106 by Bartók, Béla, in Vox: CD3X 3015 performed by Minnesota Orchestra, Skrowaczewski, Stanislav (Conductor) (Vox, CD3X 3015, 1982)
17 Jul 2013
The Battle on the Ice: Adagio
composed by Sergey Prokofiev, 1891-1953 (1938); conducted by Fernando Lozano; produced by Ivan Pastor, fl. 1986; performed by Oralia Dominguez, Mexico City Philharmonic Choir; in Alexandre Nevsky / Ivan le Terrible (Fioretti, 1994), 13 mins  
Mvt. 5: The Battle on the Ice: Adagio (13:41) from Alexander Nevsky (Alexander Nevsky), Op. 78 by Prokofiev, Sergey (Sergeyevich), in Fioretti: 022 performed by Dominguez, Oralia, Lozano, Fernando (Conductor) (Fioretti, 022)
17 Jul 2013
Fliebend, auberst zart
composed by Arnold Schoenberg, 1874-1951 (1913); conducted by Michael Andreas Gielen; produced by Helmut Hanusch; performed by John Bröchler, Melanie Diener and Christiane Oelze, 1963-, Rundfunkchor Berlin (Berlin Radio Choir), SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg and Anton-Webern-Chor, Freiburg; in Michael Gielen Conducts Schönberg, Berg, Webern, Steuermann, Gielen, Faszination Musik (Südwestrundfunk (SWR), 2002), 1 min  
Mvt. 4: Fliebend, auberst zart (0:34) from Fünf Stücke (Five Pieces for Orchestra), Op. 10 by Webern, Anton (Friedrich Wilhelm von), in Michael Gielen Conducts Sch performed by Bröchler, John, Gielen, Michael (Conductor) (Hänssler, 93.060)
18 Oct 2013
Conga Brava
performed by Mercer Ellington, 1919-1996, Cootie Williams, 1911-1985, James Bolden, 1950-, Money Johnson, 1918-1978, Barrie Lee Hall, Jr., 1949-2011, Calvin Ladner, Chuck Connors, 1930-1994, Art Baron, 1950-, Geezil Minerve, 1922-1992 and Edward Ellington, II, The Duke Ellington Orchestra; in The Duke Ellington Orchestra: Continuum (Prestige, 2001), 5 mins  
Conga Brava (4:34), in The Duke Ellington Orchestra: Continuum
17 Jul 2013
Out of Nowhere (Live - Storyville)
performed by Charlie Parker, 1920-1955; in Charlie Parker at Storyville (Warner Music, 1988), 5 mins  
Out of Nowhere (Live - Storyville) (4:34), in Charlie Parker at Storyville
17 Jul 2013
Allegro ben ritmato e deciso
composed by George Gershwin, 1898-1937 (1926); performed by Roger Shields; in Piano Music in America, American composers series (Vox, 1993), 1 min  
Mvt. 1: Allegro ben ritmato e deciso (1:22) from Three Preludes (Three Preludes) by Gershwin, George (Gershvin, Jacob), in Vox: CD3X 3027 performed by Shields, Roger (Musician) (Vox, CD3X 3027)
17 Jul 2013
The Bata Repertoire for Egungun in Pobè: Ako, in The World's Musical Traditions, Vol. 8: Yoruba Drums from Benin, West Africa
17 Jul 2013
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