Playlist:  Spanish Flamenco (Introduction to World Music: Europe) by Jenna Makowski, Alexander Street Press

Though Flamenco is often associated with dance, the genre itself has a complex repertoire of styles and forms, and the vocals and guitar accompaniment are equally as important. The tracks in this playlist serve as a very basic introduction to the music behind flamenco dance, including the cante jondo and the cante chico vocal styles and forms such as buleria, fandago and soleares.
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Tiento Clasico
performed by Chinin De Triana; in Cante Jondo: Flamenco Music (Folkways Records, 1963), 3 mins  
One of many different styles of flamenco, cante jondo is a vocal style where the emphasis is on the deep, passionate and dark emotions of the voice and the lyrics. It has its roots in Andalusian folk music. This particular track was recorded in the early 1960s and features a prominent flamenco vocalist, Chinin de Triana. Triana was born in an old Castillian village called Santo Domingo. His father was a gypsy from Seville and his mother was from old Castilla. By the age of ten, Chinin was singing in the cafes and streets and churches of Santo Domingo. When he was sixteen, he moved to Logrono where he sang on the radio, in the theaters and in cafes. Two years later, in Madrid, Chinin won a singing contest which brought him international attention. (Cante Jondo: Flamenco Music. Liner Notes. Folkways Records, 1963.)
26 Dec 2013
Si dices que eres gitano (bulería)
performed by Various Artists; in Flamenco: Fandangos & Bulerías (Discos Belter Lda., 2005), 4 mins  
A buleria is a form of flamenco song falling under the broader cante chico style, which tends to be lighter and less serious than the canto jondo. Listen for elements characteristic of this flamenco style, which include rhythmically asymmetrical 12-bar rhythms and hand-clapping. (Flamenco: Fandangos & Bulerias. Discos Belter Lda., 2005.)
26 Dec 2013
Acera del Rio (Soleares)
performed by Paco Peña, 1942-; in Paco Peña: Flamenco Guitar (CD 1) (Nimbus), 3 mins  
In addition to the song, the guitar is a crucial element to flamenco. Tonality is important to the musical accompaniment. In addition to the usual major and minor keys, there is the frequent use of the phrygian mode whose plaintive melancholy sound is one of flamenco's most striking characteristics. This type of flamenco song, Soleares, is considered the oldest and most important flamenco forms. It is in the phrygian mode. (Paco Pena: Flamenco Guitar. Liner Notes. Nimbus, 2000.)
26 Dec 2013
Medina Azahara (Granaínas)
performed by Paco Peña, 1942-; in Paco Peña: Flamenco Guitar (CD 1) (Nimbus), 4 mins  
Granaina is the fandango form from Granada. An easy way for the listener to distinguish it from any other type is the characteristic ornament and slide on the bass string, which occurs six time in this composition by Paco, who is regarded as one of the world's best and most traditional flamenco guitarists. (Paco Pena: Flamenco Guitar. Liner Notes. Nimbus, 2000.)
26 Dec 2013
produced by Rafa el Tachuela; performed by Rafa el Tachuela; in Rafa El Tachuela: Flamenco Romantico (ARC Music Productions, 2006), 7 mins  
This track is performed by internationally-renowned guitarist Rafa El Tachuela. The taranata, a form which presumably has its roots in the province of Almeria in Andalusia, belongs to the Cantes de Levante and there to the so-called Cantes de las minas. The taranta, typically a "free" version, has always had strong Arabian influences in its melodies. The lyrics of the songs hint at a connection to the hard life full of deprivation of the Andalusian miners. (Rafa El Tachuela: Flamenco Romantico. Liner Notes. American Record Corporation, 2006.)
26 Dec 2013
Flamenco: The World of Paco Peña
directed by Herbert Chappell, 1934-; performed by Paco Peña, 1942- (BBC Worldwide, 1977), 48 mins  
Watch! ‘It's not just the singing, nor the dancing, not the guitar playing - but a whole way of life that is summed up in the world Flamenco.’ Filmed during the annual fiesta in Cordoba, where he grew up, the brilliant young Andalucian guitarist performs an exciting, colourful and informative programme on Spain's national dance, featuring some of Spain's foremost flamenco musicians.
26 Dec 2013
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