Playlist:  Rai in Algeria (Introduction to World Music: The Middle East) by Jenna Makowski, Alexander Street Press

Rai, a genre that gained popularity in Algeria in the 1980s, is based on the fusion of traditional Arab melodies and electronic rhythms and sounds. Accepted and popular in mainstream Algerian culture, rai butted heads with Islamic fundamentalists, often putting rai musicians and producers in danger; more than one were killed. The tracks in this playlist introduce listeners to three influential rai artists: Cheb Khaled, Cheb Hasni and Cheb Nacim.
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Nahanti Naadbah
performed by Various Artists; in Best Music Rai Vol. 1 (Plaza Mayor Company Ltd, 2007), 6 mins  
This track is performed by Cheb Khaled who was the first musician to gain international success with rai in the 1980s. (Best Music Rai, Vol. 1. Plaza Mayor Company Ltd, 2007.)
26 Dec 2013
Klamhoum moussiba
performed by Cheb Hasni; in Golden Song Of Hasni (La Fa Mi Productions, 2007), 6 mins  
Cheb Hasni was one of the most popular and prolific rai artists, who put out over 100 cassettes during his career. He was murdered in 1994 by Islamic extremists. (Golden Song of Hasni. La Fa Mi Productions, 2007.)
26 Dec 2013
Mami Masra Fiya
produced by Hossam Ramzy, fl. 1970; performed by Cheb Nacim; in Cheb Nacim: Algerian Rai (ARC Music Productions, 2006), 4 mins  
Cheb Nacim, an original voice with a modern style, assisted by his keyboard-playing brother Sofiane, merges modern rai with a traditional music base. (Cheb Nacim: Algerian Rai. Liner Notes. American Record Corporation, 2006.)
26 Dec 2013
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