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Musicals (noun): a play or movie in which singing and dancing play an essential part. Musicals developed from light opera in the early 20th century.
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Hallmark Hall of Fame, Kiss Me, Kate
written by Sam Spewack, 1899-1971 and Bella Spewack, 1899-1990; directed by George Schaefer, 1920-1997; designed by Warren Clymer, 1922-2007; produced by George Schaefer, 1920-1997; performed by Robinson Stone, 1919-2000, Jack Klugman, 1922-2012, Harvey Lembeck, 1923-1982, Lee Cass, fl. 1958-1965, Alfred Drake, 1914-1992, Jerry Duane, fl. 1947-1958, Lorenzo Fuller, 1919-2011, Bill Hayes, 1925-, Eva Jessye, 1895-1992, Paul McGrath, 1904-1978, Patricia Morison, 1915-, Lee Richardson and Julie Wilson, 1924-2015, in Hallmark Hall of Fame (New York, NY - Queens - Long Island City: Video Artists International, 1958), 1 hour 18 mins  
Patricia Morison, Alfred Drake, Julie Wilson. Five years after the big screen affair with Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel comes this wonderful TV production of the original stage play complete with Cole Porter's outstanding score. Loosely based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew .
11 Feb 2016
The Pirates of Penzance
written by Sir W. S. Gilbert, 1836-1911; directed by Wilford Leach, 1929-1988 and Joshua White; produced by Joseph Papp, 1921-1991, New York Shakespeare Festival; performed by Kevin Kline, 1947-, George Walter Rose, 1920-1988, Linda Ronstadt, 1946-, Patricia Routledge, 1929-, Tony Azito, 1948-1995, Alice Playten, 1947-, Rex Smith, 1955-, Marcie Shaw, 1954- and Wendy Wolfe, fl. 1980-2005 (Broadway Theatre Archive, 1980), 2 hours 2 mins  
This classic revival of Gilbert and Sullivan's parody-musical The Pirates of Penzance taps into the ridiculous levity of the play so that none of the humor is lost on the modern audience. Starring the irrepressibly funny Tony and Oscar-winner Kevin Kline (A Fish Called Wanda), the play recreates the world of English comic opera, complete with beautiful singing maidens, rowdy singing pirates, and a tongue-twisting Major General. The production features theater legend John Papp as director and Tony/Emmy award-winning vocalist Linda Ronstadt.
11 Feb 2016
Sweeney Todd
written by Hugh Wheeler, 1912-1987; directed by Lonny Price, 1959-; composed by Stephen Sondheim, 1930-; designed by James Noone, fl. 1996-2013, Gail Brassard, fl. 2005, Greg Brunton, fl. 1975-2014; produced by Jeff Thorsen, fl. 1992-2014 and Iris Merlis, fl. 1977-2008, KQED-TV and Ellen M. Krass Productions; performed by Patti LuPone, 1949-, Neil Patrick Harris, 1973-, George Hearn, 1934-, Victoria Clark, fl. 1975-2013, John Aler, 1949-, Stanford Olsen, 1959-, Timothy Nolen, fl. 1993-2014, Davis Gaines, 1954- and Lisa Vroman, fl. 1998-2001, in Sweeney Todd (Chatsworth, CA: Image Entertainment, 2001), 2 hours 12 mins  
Stephen Sondheim’s macabre musical masterpiece, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, receives one bloody delicious production in this 2001 concert presentation of Broadway’s black-humored thriller of revenge, razors, murder, and meat pies. Returning to Victorian London after a long exile, the unhinged barber Sweeney Todd seeks violent vengeance on the unscrupulous judge who separated him from his family, freedom… and sanity. Teaming with the Sweeney-smitten, pie-making Mrs. Lovett, Todd reopens his tonsorial parlor to lure the judge in… and then practice his murderous desires on the throats of Fleet Street’s citizenry! Broadway legend Patti LuPone (TV’s Penny Dreadful), Tony Award winner George Hearn, and Neil Patrick Harris headline this special concert presentation of one of the theatre’s tastiest triumphs.
11 Feb 2016
written by George Furth, 1932-2008; directed by Lonny Price, 1959-; composed by Stephen Sondheim, 1930- (1970); conducted by Paul Gemignani; choreographed by Josh Rhodes, fl. 2009-2911; produced by Lonny Price, 1959- and Matt Cowart, fl. 2007-2010, Ellen M. Krass Productions; performed by Neil Patrick Harris, 1973-, Patti LuPone, 1949-, Martha Plimpton, 1970-, Anika Noni Rose, 1972-, Jim Walton, fl. 1978-2012, Jon Cryer, 1965-, Craig Bierko, 1964-, Katie Finneran, 1971-, Christina Hendricks, 1975-, Aaron Lazar, fl. 2003-2013, Jill Paice, fl. 2009-2012, Jennifer Laura Thompson, 1969-, Chryssie Whitehead, fl. 2001-2013, Stephen Colbert, 1964-, Alexa Green, fl. 2011, Fred Inkley, fl. 2007-2011, Rob Lorey, fl. 1999-2011 and Jessica Vosk, fl. 2011, New York Philharmonic, in Company (Beverly Hills, CA: Ellen M. Krass Productions, 2011), 2 hours 24 mins  
Following five couples and their friend Robert (Neil Patrick Harris), the perpetual bachelor, Company explores the true meaning of being in a relationship through a series of vignettes. Winner of the 1971 Tony Award for Best Musical, Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Rent) led an all-star cast in a sold out event at the New York Philharmonic.
11 Feb 2016
Hans Brinker
written by Bill Manhoff, fl. 1969 (1969); directed by Robert Scheerer, 1928-; performed by Eleanor Parker, 1922-2013, Richard Basehart, 1914-1984, John Gregson, 1919-1975, Cyril Ritchard, 1897-1977, Liam Redmond, fl. 1968 and Robin Askwith, 1950- (Broadway Theatre Archive, 1969), 1 hour 42 mins  
This TV movie, based on the novel of the same name by Mary Mapes Dodge, stars Robin Askwith (U-571) as the noble but poor Hans Brinker, who must struggle to keep his poor family afloat in the wake of an accident that left his father unable to work. The tale provides a realistic look at Dutch family life in the 19th century, and has since become a classic story in children's literature. Directed by Robert Sheerer (The Love Boat, Star Trek: The Next Generation), the movie provides a classic example of the made-for-TV feature length musicals which were popular in the 1960's and 1970's.
11 Feb 2016
written by Lillian Hellman, 1905-1984 and Hugh Wheeler, 1912-1987; directed by Lonny Price, 1959-; composed by Leonard Bernstein, 1918-1990; conducted by Marin Alsop; choreographed by Casey Nicholaw, fl. 1992; designed by James Noone, fl. 1996-2013, Tracy Christensen, fl. 1994; produced by Jay Good, fl. 2004 and Iris Merlis, fl. 1977-2008, WNET Channel 13, New York, NY and Ellen M. Krass Productions; performed by Sir Thomas Allen, 1944-, Paul Groves, 1964-, Kristin Chenoweth, 1968-, Patti LuPone, 1949-, Michael McCormick, 1951-, Jeff Blumenkrantz, 1965- and Janine LaManna, fl. 1996-2005, New York Philharmonic (Chatsworth, CA: Image Entertainment, 2004), 1 hour 57 mins  
Leonard Bernstein's brilliant comic operetta comes to dazzling new life under the guidance of director Lonny Price (A Class Act). Based on the classic Voltaire tale of an innocent young man's journey through a life filled with colorful characters and unexpected life lessons, this tune-filled frolic features Tony Award-winners Patti LuPone (Evita) and Kristin Chenoweth (from the Broadway smash Wicked) heading a dazzling cast including Paul Groves, Stanford Olsen, Sir Thomas Allen, and the Westminster Symphonic Choir. The impeccable score (with lyrics by luminaries including Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker, Stephen Sondheim, Richard Wilbur, and John La Touche) includes a host of delightful songs including Life Is Happiness Indeed, It Must Be So, You Were Dead, You Know, and Make Our Garden Grow. Now enjoy this all-new production that brings you the best of all possible musical worlds!
11 Feb 2016
Follies In Concert
directed by Herbert Ross, 1927-2001; composed by Stephen Sondheim, 1930- (1967); conducted by Paul Gemignani; produced by Thomas Z. Shepard, 1971-2008; performed by Arthur Rubin, fl. 1986-1993, Jim Walton, fl. 1978-2012, Elaine Stritch, 1925-2014, Lee Remick, 1935-1991, Daisy Prince, fl. 1981-2002, Mandy Patinkin, 1952-, Phyllis Newman, 1933-, Liliane Montevecchi, 1932-, Erie Mills, Howard McGillin, George Hearn, 1934-, Andre Gregory, 1934-, Adolph Green, 1914-2002, Barbara Cook, 1927-, Betty Comden, 1917-2006, Liz Callaway, Carol Burnett, 1933- and Licia Albanese, 1913-, New York Philharmonic, in Follies in Concert (Beverly Hills, CA: Ellen M. Krass Productions, 2001), 1 hour 30 mins  
Film of the legendary 1985 concert performance presented by the New York Philharmonic of Stephen Sondheim's classic musical at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center. The plot of the musical centers around a reunion of showgirls who appeared in an annual Follies extravaganza when it was staged between the wars. Sally and Phyllis are two of these former showgirls, now middle-aged. Sally is married to Buddy, and Phyllis is married to Ben. Sally is unhappy with Buddy, and still is madly in love with Ben after a brief affair they had when they were younger. Phyllis is going to divorce Ben, so all seems right. But the reason Phyllis is divorcing Ben is because he is incapable of showing real, genuine love. Will Sally truly be happy if she leaves Buddy and marries Ben? Okay, the plot isn't much, but the songs are wonderful. The show features frequent "pastiche numbers" in which other former showgirls perform numbers in the style of the period in which this Follies was staged. These numbers, juxtaposed against the moving "book songs," make for a truly brilliant score.
11 Feb 2016
Company: A Musical Comedy
directed by John Doyle, fl. 1988-2007; composed by Stephen Sondheim, 1930-; designed by Ann Hould-Ward, 1954-, Thomas C. Hase, fl. 2007; produced by Morton Swinsky, fl. 1999-2008 and Ellen Krass, fl. 1980-2008; performed by Raul Esparza, 1970-, Barbara Walsh, fl. 2007, Bruce Sabath, fl. 1998, Heather Laws, fl. 2007, Robert Cunningham, fl. 2007, Kristin Huffman, fl. 2007, Keith Buterbaugh, fl. 2007, Leenya Rideout, fl. 2004, Fred Rose, 1797-1954, Amy Justman, fl. 2007, Matt Castle, fl. 2007, Elizabeth Stanley, fl. 2007-2013, Angel Desai, fl. 2001-2012 and Kelly Jeannie Grant, fl. 2007, in Company: A Musical Comedy (Ellen M. Krass Productions, 2007), 2 hours 12 mins  
Centering on Bobby, a confirmed bachelor celebrating his 35th birthday with his 10 closest friends (who also happen to be five couples), "Company" culminates in Bobby's transformation from unattached swinger to tentative monogamist. This version of Company was directed by Lonny Price, featuring Kelly Jeanne Grant, Angel Desai, and Elizabeth Stanley.
10 Nov 2017
Conversations à Rechlin
written by François Dupeyron, 1950-2016; directed by François Dupeyron, 1950-2016; produced by Films en Hiver; performed by Nicolas Brieger, 1945-, Marie-Claude Chappuis, fl. 2007-2014 and Inna Petcheniouk, fl. 2009 (Halle, Lower Saxony: ArtHaus Musik, 2009), 1 hour 31 mins  
Conversations à Rechlin is a superb blend of music and theatre. The concept, scenario and staging are the work of the French director and scriptwriter François Dupeyron, famous for The Officer's Ward and Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran with Omar Sharif. The production is enhanced by an excellent cast: the well known mezzo-soprano Marie-Claude Chappuis, with Inna Petcheniouk, who brings with her a wealth of experience as an accompanist, and the actor Nicolas Brieger. Set against a backdrop of Europe in 1944, the end of the Second World War and the collapse of Nazi Germany, the story shows three people brought together by a daily ritual that overcomes the differences between them. Marie-Claude Chappuis performs lieder by Schubert, Schumann and Wolf that form a contrast with the actors' situation in the labour camp at Rechlin. An intimate, spiritual interaction among a trio of human beings caught up in a moment of history.
10 Nov 2017
Alcoa Hour, Season 2, Episode 7, The Stingiest Man in Town
written by Janice Torre, 1914-1985; directed by Daniel Petrie, 1920-2004; choreographed by John Heawood, 1920-1995; designed by Sophie Devine, 1901-1966; produced by Joel Spector, fl. 1945-1956; performed by Philippa Bevans, 1913-1968, Vic Damone, 1928-2018, Johnny Desmond, 1919-1985, Olive Dunbar, 1925-, Alice Frost, 1905-1998, Martyn Green, 1899-1975, John Heawood, 1920-1995, Bryan Herbert, 1894-, Keith Herrington, fl. 1953-1956, Dennis Kohler, fl. 1955-1960, Betty Madigan, fl. 1954-1956, Ian Martin, 1912-1981, Richard Morse, fl. 1956, Patrice Munsel, 1925-, Basil Rathbone, 1892-1967, Karyl Ann Traum, fl. 1956-1958, Robert Weede, 1903-1972, Karin Wolfe, 1944-, Carson Woods, fl. 1959-1960 and Robert Wright, fl. 1953-1958, in Alcoa Hour, Season 2, Episode 7 (New York, NY - Queens - Long Island City: Video Artists International, 2013, originally published 2013), 1 hour 20 mins  
This 1956 performance of the play The Stingiest Man in Town was directed by Daniel Petrie and stars Basil Rathbone, Martyn Green, Vic Damone, and Patrice Munsel. The play by Janice Torre is a musical adaptation of the novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
10 Nov 2017
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