Address:  Armistice Day

Address: Armistice Day

written by Emily Greene Balch, 1867-1961, in Emily Greene Balch Papers, 1842-1961, of Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Microfilm Reel 22, Frame 589 [microform], Wilmington, Delaware: Scholarly Resources, Inc., 1988. Originals held by Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.) (Swarthmore, PA) (11 November 1935) , 57 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
Notes for a speech. Description of the functions of the League of Nations. Title of her speech is “What of Peace today?” in light of the shadow of World War I and the beginnings of World War II. Discusses her year and a half experience in Geneva, and the probability of another war in Europe. Compares the confusing current situation with the simple alignments of World War I, no bilateral cleavage this time. Considers the conflicts within countries along class lines and ideological differences. Mentions the changes wrought by the industrial revolution, and the conflict between capitalism, communism, and fascism. Discusses how governments use fear, power, and blackmail as weapons. But despite propaganda, the bulk of the people do not want war in all countries. Mentions the effectiveness of the peace movement in Europe, particularly in France. Also discusses the failures of peace and disarmament in recent years. Refers to the history of international conferences, world courts, the First Hague Conference, and then mentions the shortcomings of the League of Nations and the Kellogg pact. Balch believes governments need to return to the League of Nations as a guarantor of peace – use of diplomatic, financial, and economic pressure first. Notes the cynical perspective of the British population that war is coming and they must be ready. Asks, what of the US in all this? Discusses the US relationship to the League of Nations and the impact of the US’s refusal to join and cooperate with other nations. Must hope that economic recovery will lessen the threat of war.
Field of Interest
Women and Social Movements
Emily Greene Balch, 1867-1961
Women and Social Movements, International
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Women and Social Movements, History, Women and Social Reform, Transnational Women’s Movement, Mujer y Reforma Social, Mulher e Reforma Social, Movimiento de Mujeres Transnacional, Movimento Feminista Transnacional, League of Nations, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Peace, International Governance, and International Law, Political and Human Rights, Disarmament, International Peace, Equal Rights for Women
Disarmament, International Peace, Equal Rights for Women
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Mujer y Reforma Social, Mulher e Reforma Social, Movimiento de Mujeres Transnacional, Movimento Feminista Transnacional

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