Diary 1914 - [No. 1]

Diary 1914 - [No. 1]

written by Lucia True Ames Mead, 1856-1936, in Edwin D. Mead and Lucia Ames Mead Papers, 1876-1938, of Swarthmore College Peace Collection (Microfilm Reel 5, #23, [microform], Wilmington, Delaware: Scholarly Resources, Inc., 1988. Originals held by Swarthmore College Peace Collection, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania) (Swarthmore, PA) (1914) , 98 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
Sailed from Boston to London. Travelling with her husband “Ned,” Edwin Mead. Mentions the following organizations or groups: Peace Council, Liberal League, Suffrage Committee, Suffrage Society, Garton Foundation, Peace Palace at the Hague, and the Red Cross. Mead mostly describes dinner parties and gatherings with various politicians and activists. Frequently discusses conversations and meetings with Dr. Jordan , Ambassador Page, and Norman Angell. Mead also makes frequent references to the Balkans and the lead up to war. While in London, Mead has dinner at the House of Commons hosted by Allen Baker. Conversation about British suffrage and temperance with Mrs. Baker. Discussion of Muslims in Turkey, and the Turkish massacre of Armenians. Discussion of strikes, unions, and their relation to peace. Mead spoke on the topic of “The Churches Against War” at one meeting. Mentions a Suffrage Committee meeting with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Carrie Chapman Catt, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. Chapin, Mrs. Rosika Schwimmer, Dr. Jordan, etc. Talks about the effect of militancy on the suffrage movement. Concerned about discontent in Ireland, especially during the anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne. Frequent discussion of the death of Joseph Chamberlain. Went to the Hague 26 July, discussed plans for an Educational Conference with Dr. Van Dyke, then on to Brussels. Mead describes the Internationalist Socialist Congress in Vienna, and left for Berlin. Mentions that Germans seem to the think the current war is primarily with Russia, describes the scene of soldiers mobilizing across Germany and the opinions of her various colleagues on the current state of the war. Last section of this journal is notes about 1903, written in 1921. Describes trip to Holland, Germany, and France as well as the Amsterdam Conference. Mentions the Cleveland Ladies and visiting the Peace Bureau.
Field of Interest
Women and Social Movements
Lucia True Ames Mead, 1856-1936
Women and Social Movements, International
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Women and Social Movements, History, Transnational Women’s Movement, Movimiento de Mujeres Transnacional, Movimento Feminista Transnacional, Lucia True Ames Mead, 1856-1936
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Movimiento de Mujeres Transnacional, Movimento Feminista Transnacional

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