McDonald's in India

McDonald's in India

written by Kishore Dashi, fl. 2005 (Glendale, AZ: Thunderbird Global School of Management, 2005, originally published 2005), 25 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
McDonald's relative success in India has several important lessons for global MNCs that are interested in exploring the challenges and opportunities in emerging markets. Given the unique cultural space of India, where most people do not eat beef and pork, where most people prefer vegetarian foods, and where people's food habits are dominated by regional food preferences, how could a beef-based hamburger chain achieve success? This case analyzes McDonald's carefully planned context-specific strategies for its business growth in India.
Field of Interest
Business & Economics
Kishore Dashi, fl. 2005
Copyright Message
Copyright © 2005 by the Thunderbird Global School of Management. All Rights Reserved.
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Case study
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Thunderbird Global School of Management
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Glendale, AZ
Business & Economics, Social Sciences, International Business, Local populations, Economic development, International trade, Organizational change, Food industry, Management of Companies and Enterprises, Negócios Internacionais, Negocios Internacionales, McDonald's Corporation, India, Emerging Economies
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Negócios Internacionais, Negocios Internacionales

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