Euro vs The US Dollar

Euro vs The US Dollar

written by Ajay Batra, fl. 2004 (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh: IBS Center for Management Research, 2003, originally published 2003), 11 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
The case study revolves around the impact of the single currency of the European Union (EU), the euro, in the International Monetary System. Various factors that led to the international acceptance of the currency have been considered vis-a-vis the euro. The case study involves comparison of the euro with the US dollar and based on the facts given in the case study, an analysis can be carried out on whether the euro will break the dollar's hegemony in the world markets. Also facts about the key issues within the EU, which will also affect the image and international acceptance of the euro, as the reserve currency of central banks of different countries have been highlighted in the case.
Field of Interest
Business & Economics
Ajay Batra, fl. 2004
Copyright Message
Copyright © 2003 by IBS Center for Management Research
Content Type
Case study
Original Publication Date
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Publication Year
IBS Center for Management Research
Place Published / Released
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Business & Economics, Social Sciences, Finance, Economics, International Business, Monetary policy, Economics, International economic conditions, Money, Finance and Insurance, Finanzas, Finanças, Economía, Economia, Negócios Internacionais, Negocios Internacionales, European Union, Europe, International Monetary System
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Finanzas, Finanças, Economía, Economia, Negócios Internacionais, Negocios Internacionales

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