Akishi, Makishi, Mahamba and Ihamba

Akishi, Makishi, Mahamba and Ihamba

in The Papers of Victor Witter Turner, of Private Collection (Box 1: Papers of Victor Witter Turner. Field notes made by Victor and Edith Turner on a Research Trip among the Ndembu, Mwinilunga District, Northern Rhodesia, p. 191-211: Akishi, Makishi, Mahamba, and Ihamba, etc.: spiritual afflictions and rituals) (21 May 1951) , 4 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
Field note 191-193. Date 21.5.51. Informants: Various. Field note describing Akishi, Makishi, Mahamba, and Ihamba, spiritual afflictions and rituals.
Field of Interest
Copyright Message
Copyright © 2016 by Edith Turner
Content Type
Field notes
Anthropologist / Ethnographer
Victor Turner, 1920-1983
Warning: Contains explicit content
Page Count
Page Range
Anthropology, Social Sciences, Cultural anthropology, Faith healing, Religious rites and ceremonies, Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural, Lunda
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural

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