1 Mei 1963: Irian Barat Bebas!

1 Mei 1963: Irian Barat Bebas!

in Api Kartini, 1963 (1963, originally published 1963), 1 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
An article prompted by the handover of West Irian to Indonesia by UNTEA (United Nations Temporary Executive Authority). It reads like an open letter to the Dutch, as former colonial masters. The writer said that the Dutch must acknowledge that the “good old days” (de goede oude tijd) were over; 
Indonesia was implementing socialist goals, in accordance with their president’s Political Manifesto; 
they could not make “senseless” (tidak masuk akal) claims over their businesses which had been nationalised by the Indonesian government; the Indonesian people had suffered terribly under centuries-long colonial rule; the independence war and the liberation struggle for West Irian were the consequence of Dutch stubbornness, and took a huge toll on Indonesian property and lives. 
Indonesian mothers had permitted their husbands, sons and brothers to die for the liberation of West Irian. 
Numerous mothers lost their children during colonial rule because of starvation due to abject poverty. The liberation struggle for West Irian claimed the lives of many Indonesian warriors. All these losses and suffering must be understood by the Dutch, if they want to re-establish ties with Indonesia. The Indonesian people would like to be friends with Dutch people, but the Dutch must accept their responsibility for the damage done in the past, and also accept the new situation in Indonesia. KEYWORDS: Anti-colonialism; Anti-Dutch; Indonesia; Indonesian mothers; Indonesian women; Manipol; Political Manifesto; Sukarno; United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA); West Irian
Field of Interest
Women and Social Movements
Women and Social Movements, Modern Empires Since 1820
Content Type
Periodical article
0 sec
Original Publication Date
Page Count
Publication Year
Source Title
Api Kartini, 1963
Women and Social Movements, History, Women and War, Women and Politics, Western New Guinea, Women, Colonization, Empire, and Post Coloniality, Opposition to Imperialism, Nationalism and Independence Movements, Indonesians, 20th Century in World History (1914--2000)
Opposition to Imperialism, Nationalism and Independence Movements

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