Volume 1, Number 8

Volume 1, Number 8

written by Butch Enterprises, in Eros Foundation Publications & Archives, of Flinders University. Library. Special Collections; edited by Bill Munro, 1943-, in Little Butch, Volume 1, Number 8 (Marrickville, New South Wales: Butch Enterprises, 1973, originally published 1973), 16 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
This issue of Little Butch contains stories on the arts, including the ballet ''Gemini,'' the Andy Warhol film ''Heat,'' the cabaret show ''Dazzle'' and the play ''You Can't Say That on Television.'' It also includes an article on do's and don'ts of daily gay life.
Field of Interest
LGBT Studies
Copyright Message
Copyright © 2015 by Butch Enterprises
Corporate Author
Butch Enterprises
Content Type
Periodical issue
Warning: Contains explicit content
Original Publication Date
Page Count
Publication Year
Butch Enterprises
Place Published / Released
Marrickville, New South Wales
Series Number
Volume 1, Number 8
LGBT Studies, Diversity, Gender and Sexuality, Gays, Homosexuality, LGBT life, Género y Sexualidad, Gênero e Sexualidade, Australia
Series / Program
Little Butch
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Género y Sexualidad, Gênero e Sexualidade

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