Cuvântare ținută la Constanța de d-na Alexandrina Cantacuzino la Congresul GFR la Cluj 21 Ianuarie 1933

Cuvântare ținută la Constanța de d-na Alexandrina Cantacuzino la Congresul GFR la Cluj 21 Ianuarie 1933

written by Alexandrina Cantacuzino, 1876-1944, in Cantacuzino Family Collection, of Romania. National Archives (folder 183, files 325-347) (Bucharest, Bucharest County) (1933) , 23 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
Title: Speech Held by Mrs. Alexandrina Cantacuzino at the GFR Congress at Cluj on January 21, 1933. Description: Alexandrina Cantacuzino’s speech at a Romanian Women’s Association Congress at Cluj on January 21, 1933 in which corporatist ideas started to be used in supporting women’s higher participation in the public life. Canatcuzino’s orientation towards the doctrine of corporatism came in line with her constant preoccupation with the idea of attainment of social solidarity through the spiritual reformation and education of individuals in the spirit of sacrifice and communitarian values. In Cantacuzino’s particular reading of the corporatist ideology, the corporatist organization of the state had the advantage of offering the intelligentsia more possibilities to become involved in the political decision-making through a higher representation in the Senate. The corporate state could also give educated strata (of women) the opportunity to become more involved with better and more efficiently organized social and educational activities for the masses. This was considered important not only for the advance of women’s rights but also for the achievement of a better society. Keywords: Alexandrina Cantacuzino, political rights, politics, Romanian Women’s Association, corporatism, reform
Field of Interest
Women and Social Movements
Alexandrina Cantacuzino, 1876-1944
Women and Social Movements, Modern Empires Since 1820
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Women and Social Movements, History, Women and Social Reform, Women and Politics, Women and Rights, Rumania, Romênia, Romania, Political and Human Rights, Social and Cultural Rights, Equal Rights for Women, Suffrage, Romanians, 20th Century in World History (1914--2000)
Social and Cultural Rights, Equal Rights for Women, Suffrage
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Rumania, Romênia

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