[Copies of] Custom of Likula Bwayma or Tatunela Woya'i, with Copies of Another Partial Text

[Copies of] Custom of Likula Bwayma or Tatunela Woya'i, with Copies of Another Partial Text

in Bronislaw Malinowski Papers (Yale), of Yale University. Sterling Memorial Library. Manuscripts and Archives (Linguistic Notes and Lectures, based on Trobriand Islands Fieldwork, [Texts]) (New Haven, CT) (14 August 1918) , 8 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
Date: 14.8.18. Informant: Leo. Six pages contain two copies of two texts of the Trobriand Islanders, each apparently typed individually, with simultaneous transliteration in English. In each case, the first page, numbered 264, contains a text labeled with the Roman numeral CLV concerning customs relating to the loading of yam houses and sharing yams - a text also contained in an earlier document. The informant 'Leo' may be Leo Austen, the resident magistrate. It also contains the notation 'p. 316' in the upper left, a possible reference to a manuscript. The second and third pages, numbered 257 and 258, are apparently parts of a different text, labeled in Roman numerals CXLVIII (b) and (c) and having to do with a quarrel over valuables.
Field of Interest
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Materials sourced from Yale University. Copyright © 2016 by Patrick Burke
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Field notes
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Anthropologist / Ethnographer
Bronisław Malinowski, 1884-1942
Warning: Contains explicit content
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Anthropology, Social Sciences, Cultural anthropology, Social customs, Fights, Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural, Trobriand Islanders
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Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural

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