[Copies of] Text CXXXV [1325] and Planting of a Coconut

[Copies of] Text CXXXV [1325] and Planting of a Coconut

in Bronislaw Malinowski Papers (Yale), of Yale University. Sterling Memorial Library. Manuscripts and Archives (Linguistic Notes and Lectures, based on Trobriand Islands Fieldwork, [Texts]) (New Haven, CT) (1918) , 8 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
Six pages contain two typed copies each of two texts in the Trobriand language, with simultaneous English transliteration. The first, headed 'Text CXXXV [135]' concerns the special canoe-launching privilege of a particular Trobriand clan due to the particular powers of their guardian spirits, and is followed by a free translation and analysis. The first page is numbered 231 and contains a reference to 'p. 305' in the upper left corner, suggesting it is in support of a manuscript book or lecture.

Date: 11.8.18. Place: Sinaketa (Kiriwina). Informant: Toybayoba. The copies of the second text, numbered CXL contain a Trobriand Islander's account of planting a coconut, apparently retyped field notes. The initial pages are numbered 240 - typed or written - and contain the typed note 'p. 308,' in the upper left corner. At the bottom of the initial page is a footnote suggesting comparison to Text CXLI. Both sets of text copies are also duplicates of texts found in previous documents.
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Materials sourced from Yale University. Copyright © 2016 by Patrick Burke
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Field notes
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Anthropologist / Ethnographer
Bronisław Malinowski, 1884-1942
Warning: Contains explicit content
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Anthropology, Social Sciences, Cultural anthropology, Guardian spirits, Coconuts, Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural, Trobriand Islanders
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Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural

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