Aboriginal Vocabulary of Dobu

Aboriginal Vocabulary of Dobu

written by William E. Bromilow, 1857-1929, in Bronislaw Malinowski Papers (Yale), of Yale University. Sterling Memorial Library. Manuscripts and Archives (Linguistic Notes and Lectures, based on Trobriand Islands Fieldwork, Vocabulary: Lexicographical) (New Haven, CT), in Annual Report on British New Guinea, 1891-1892, Appendix U2, pp 106-110 (originally published 1893), 4 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
A four-page, printed document contains an English-Dobuan vocabulary by Methodist missionary the Rev. William Bramilow, originally published as an appendix to the Annual Report on British New Guinea from 1st July 1891 to 30th June 1892. At the top are the written notations: Dobu; Melbourne; and Goulvain [an alternate name for Dobu] - between Fergusson and Goodenough. Dobu Island is actually between Fergusson and Normanby islands.
Field of Interest
William E. Bromilow, 1857-1929
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Materials sourced from Yale University. Copyright © 2016 by Patrick Burke
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Annual Report on British New Guinea, 1891-1892, Appendix U2, pp 106-110
Anthropology, Social Sciences, Cultural anthropology, Austronesian languages, Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural, Milne Bay Province, Dobu
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Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural

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