Children and Young People Whose Behaviour is Sexually Concerning or Harmful

Children and Young People Whose Behaviour is Sexually Concerning or Harmful

presented by Jackie Bateman, fl. 2002 and Judith Milner, fl. 2011 (London, England: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015, originally published 2015), 170 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
More than any other challenging behaviour, the sexual abuse of one child by another generates anxiety, puzzlement and confusion.Adults confident in dealing with a defiant or delinquent child find their confidence leaves them when confronted with sexual misbehaviour in a child who they expect to be asexual. In this book, Jackie Bateman and Judith Milner provide an accessible overview of the evidence relating to such problem behaviours, from inappropriate behaviour to sexual abuse. They go on to propose research-based effective and creative methods that professionals can use to develop responsibility-taking and safety in the child, and outline a strengths-based model for practice. Using the model, the authors show how behaviour can be managed through the development of safe care plans for the home and/or school - addressing communication, supervision, and supportive networks. They also provide guidance for working across a range of settings - whether directly with families, in schools or with children with learning difficulties. This practical guide will be an essential tool for social workers, counsellors, teachers, nurses and any professional with responsibility for child protection.
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Social Work
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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Copyright © Jackie Bateman and Judith Milner 2015
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Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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London, England
Social Work, Social Sciences, Psychology & Counseling, Children and Families, Children, Sex crimes, Sexual behavior, Mezzo, Micro
Jackie Bateman, fl. 2002, Judith Milner, fl. 2011

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