Busker's Guide, The Busker's Guide to Risk (Second Edition)

Busker's Guide, The Busker's Guide to Risk (Second Edition)

written by Shelly Newstead, fl. 1990, in Busker's Guide (London, England: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016, originally published 2008), 71 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
'You just can't let them do anything anymore you know...' Why is risk important in children's play? How can we protect children's right to play and protect children at the same time? What is risk-benefit assessment and how can it help - rather than hinder - adults who work where children play? 'The Busker's Guide to Risk' explores why risk shouldn't be a four letter word when it comes to children's play. It starts from the right of children to play in a way that involves not only physical, but also social and emotional risk, and supports adults in developing a practical approach to balancing the need to protect children with the benefits of play.
Field of Interest
Social Work
Shelly Newstead, fl. 1990
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Copyright Message
Copyright © Shelly Newstead 2016; Illustrations copyright © Chris Bennett 2016
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Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Place Published / Released
London, England
Social Work, Social Sciences, Psychology & Counseling, Children and Families, Parent-child relations, Children's play, Children's rights, Children, Risk management, Macro
Series / Program
Busker's Guide

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