Coping With Stress In The Workplace

Coping With Stress In The Workplace

presented by John J. Liptak, fl. 1990 and Ester A. Leutenberg, fl. 2010 (Duluth, MN: Whole Person Associates, 2014, originally published 2014), 94 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
In today’s economy, almost everyone feels workplace stress. While a little stress is to be expected, even though motivating, too much stress can interfere with both productivity and motivation, and can impact employee (and employer) mental, emotional and physical health. Even the perfect job has stressful deadlines and other seemingly unreasonable expectations.People experience stress in the workplace in three primary ways: 1) Stress generated from within a person; 2) Stress generated from the work environment; and 3) Stress from a poor job fit. When these sources of stress are ignored, they can lead to accidents in the workplace, injuries, and even more stress. Stress from one of these sources can be difficult to overcome, but stress from more than one of these sources can be debilitating. In order to deal with all of the various types of stress in the workplace, it will help to understand workplace stress and acquire tools and techniques for managing it. The Coping with Stress in the Workplace Workbook provides assessments and self-guided activities to help participants learn useful skills for coping with the various forms of stress in the workplace.The four chapters include:Workplace Sources of Stress, Stress-Prone Personality, Work Habits, Workplace Relationships
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Counseling & Therapy
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Counseling & Therapy, Psychology & Counseling, Health Sciences, Theoretical Approaches to Counseling, Work, Theory, Psychological issues, Teoria do Aconselhamento, Teorías del Asesoramiento, Work settings, Work behavior, Coping behavior, Stress management, Stress
John J. Liptak, fl. 1990, Ester A. Leutenberg, fl. 2010
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Teoria do Aconselhamento, Teorías del Asesoramiento

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