Awu mungoya wetu amusolile konongo Part I (Field Card)

Awu mungoya wetu amusolile konongo Part I (Field Card)

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Field of Interest
World Music
Copyright Message
Material sourced from the International Library of African Music. Copyright International Library of African Music.
"The English and the Germans came and still come into our country. What do they want? We do not know them well. This song of ours comes from the Nyamwezi." A lovely chant sung before dancing, by a most decorative people They sing also about their soldiers who fought in the 1939-45 war, and how they went to the Middle East and Ceylon. The song is one of the typical sung legends or epics of the Gogo who are renowned for their compositions of this nature. In the first part the young composer and his friend sing an introduction and at 1 m 30s after the start they introduce the chorus of men and women who are standing in line of dance three or four deep. The soloists line each phrase calling "Kanyi" when they want a phrase or stanza repeated.
Content Type
Field notes
Anthropologist / Ethnographer
Hugh Tracey, 1903-1977
Sub Genre
Praise Song
Series Number
World Music, Anthropology, Music & Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Africa, Cultural anthropology, Praise Song, Vocals, group, África, Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural, Dodoma Region
Keywords and Translated Subjects
África, Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural

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