Inkuru nziza (Field Card)

Inkuru nziza (Field Card)

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Field of Interest
World Music
Copyright Message
Material sourced from the International Library of African Music. Copyright International Library of African Music.
Chant in honor of Saint Mary Magdalene and of the resurrection of Our Lord. This unaccompanied hymn was composed by a Tutsi who was studying for the priesthood, Abbe Alfred by name. This man was also a notable musician. His proper name was Sebakiga. This song demonstrates the ease with which the particular style of indigenous singing found in Rwanda can be readily adapted for Catholic use. Whether this will result in confusion or in a deeper appreciation of the basic folk music of the Tutsi remains to be seen. As elsewhere in Africa, the danger lies in the non-musical social pressures exerted by the missions.
Content Type
Field notes
Anthropologist / Ethnographer
Hugh Tracey, 1903-1977
Sub Genre
Praise Song
Series Number
World Music, Anthropology, Music & Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Africa, Cultural anthropology, Praise Song, Voice, África, Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural
Keywords and Translated Subjects
África, Antropologia Cultural, Antropología Cultural

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