Transforming Children's Mental Health Policy into Practice

Transforming Children's Mental Health Policy into Practice

presented by Allison B. Ventura, fl. 2017 and Robert Cohen, 1941- (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2017, originally published 2017), 380 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
This book examines the long term impact of service reform in children’s mental health, focusing on comprehensive state and local initiatives to improve care for children with serious behavioral health and their families to illustrate how programmatic and contextual forces influence policy and practice in this area, and inform readers about strategies employed by policy makers, administrators and advocates to develop and sustain effective systems of care. This book looks at Virginia’s effort to reform care for at-risk youth, as well as the transformational initiatives of six states and several localities. Using a comprehensive ecological framework, the authors focus on a statewide transformation of services for children/youth with serious emotional and behavioral challenges to enhance understanding of the course and consequences of system change efforts over an extended period of time. Attention is given to the impact of this reform on individual children and families, and local communities as well as the Commonwealth. Using data from states’ and localities’ efforts to develop comprehensive systems of care for children and families, this book enhances understanding of the dynamics of large-scale human service reform efforts. It describes how political, economic, social, cultural, and technological forces have shaped policy and practice, offer lessons learned from these ambitious reform initiatives, and provide guidance for those interested in improving care for vulnerable children and their families. This book examines the long-term impact of reform legislation, employing a multi-modal approach to enrich understanding of this ambitious reform effort. Examples are provided to illustrate how CSA and other systems of care have impacted individual children and families as well as the interplay of local community dynamics and macro level policy and political processes. This book also offers the first-hand perspectives of individual consumers and families, child advocates, community based program providers, and local and state wide administrators and policymakers. By combining these multiple perspectives the authors provide a comprehensive perspective on the issues of child mental health services and related reform efforts.
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Social Work
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Copyright © 2017 by Lexington Books
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Lexington Books
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Lanham, MD
Social Work, Social Sciences, Psychology & Counseling, History of Social Work, Children and Families, Mental Health, Children, Behavior, Mental health, Medical policy, Youth, Macro
Allison B. Ventura, fl. 2017, Robert Cohen, 1941-

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