From Exclusion to Reciprocity: Learning from Success

From Exclusion to Reciprocity: Learning from Success

written by Jean-Michel Defromont, 1951-; presented by Jona M. Rosenfeld, 1922- (Lanham, MD: Hamilton Books, 2017, originally published 2017), 164 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
Prof. Jona Rosenfeld is one of Israel's pioneering social workers. This, his autobiography, is a vivid testimony to his long life dedicated to social work, sociology, psychotherapy and social action. Born in Germany, in 1933 he immigrated with his family to Palestine. In the nascent state of Israel, Rosenfeld very quickly made his mark on the field of social work that was still in its infancy. Then, through his drive, determination and creativity saw it develop and mature. Significantly, he clarified the task of social work: serving the excluded in our midst, and showed how they can be enabled by social workers to improve their lives. After aligning himself with ATD The Fourth World Movement, he worked internationally with families living in extreme poverty and exclusion. The book ends with a call to address two man-made evils, genocide and poverty, as a world-wide challenge for the future.
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Social Work
Jean-Michel Defromont, 1951-
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Social Work, Social Sciences, Psychology & Counseling, History of Social Work, Social reforms, Social work, Micro
Jona M. Rosenfeld, 1922-

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