Not by Faith Alone: Social Services, Social Justice, and Faith-Based Organizations in the United States

Not by Faith Alone: Social Services, Social Justice, and Faith-Based Organizations in the United States

edited by Tara Hefferan, fl. 2009, Laurie Occhipinti and Julie Adkins, fl. 1986 (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2010, originally published 2010), 274 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
This edited collection provides an in-depth ethnographic study of faith-based development organizations in the United States, shining a much needed critical light onto these organizations and their role in the United States by exploring the varied ways that faith-based organizations attempt to mend the fissures and mitigate the effects of neoliberal capitalism, poverty, and the social service sector on the poor and powerless. In doing so, Not by Faith Alone generates provocative and sophisticated analyses-grounded in empirical case studies-of such topics as the meaning of 'faith-based' development, evaluations of faith-based versus secular approaches, the influence of faith-orientation on program formulation and delivery, and examinations of faith-based organizations' impacts on structural inequality and poverty alleviation. Taken together, the chapters in this volume demonstrate the vital importance of ethnography for understanding the particular role of faith-based agencies in development. The contributors argue for an understanding of faith-based development that moves beyond either dismissing or uncritically supporting faith-based initiatives. Instead, contributors demonstrate the importance of grounded analysis of the specific discourses, practices, and beliefs that imbue faith-based development with such power and reveal both the promise and the limitations of this particular vehicle of service delivery.
Field of Interest
Social Work
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Copyright © 2010 by Lexington Books
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Lanham, MD
Social Work, Social Sciences, Psychology & Counseling, Diversity, Ethnographic methodology, Social justice, Social work, Religious communities, Macro

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