Postcard from David Kaufmann to Markus Brann, November 29, 1895

Postcard from David Kaufmann to Markus Brann, November 29, 1895

written by David Kaufmann, 1852-1899 and Markus Brann, 1849-1920, in Markus Brann Archive, of National Library of Israel. Archive (Kaufmann, David) (1895) , 2 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
Postcard from David Kaufmann, co-editor with Markus Brann of the Monatsschrift fur Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judenthums, writing from Budapest, Hungary, to Brann in Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland), dated 29.11.1895. Handwritten in German with numerous terms in Hebrew and several numbers; the postcard itself is printed in Hungarian. On the front, in a different hand, probably Brann's, notations in pencil fill almost every empty space. They include names and other material in German, brief terms in Hebrew and numbers in both Arabic and Roman figures.
Field of Interest
Religion & Thought
David Kaufmann, 1852-1899, Markus Brann, 1849-1920
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Religion & Thought, Social Sciences, Markus Brann, 1849-1920

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