Journey to Jerusalem

Journey to Jerusalem

written by Maxwell Anderson, 1888-1958 (1940) (Alexander Street Press, originally published 1940), 107 page(s)

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Field of Interest
Alexander Street Press
Copyright Message
Copyright © 1940 by Maxwell Anderson. Used by permission of the Literary Estate of Maxwell Anderson.
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Maxwell Anderson, 1888-1958
Theatre, Music & Performing Arts, American Theater, Economics, Health, Social problems, Teatro Norte-Americano, Teatro Norteamericano, Marius, Greek Woman, Soothsayer, Mira, Jacob, Beggar, Shadrach, Cassia, Reba, Jesse, Zebulon, Centurion, Ishmael, Robber, Scribe, Porter, Gennesareth, Malachi, Abbas, Chorazim, Hanan, Dove Woman, 1st Money Changer, 2nd Money Changer, Fruit Seller, Matzoh Seller, Flaccus, Festus, Esther, Joseph, Herod, Jesus, Mary, Pharisee
Performance Rights
All rights, including performance rights, are reserved. Permission for the use of JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM or any portion thereof must be secured, in writing, prior to such use from DRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE, INC., 440 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016. No performance of this play may be given without obtaining in advance the written permission of the DRAMATISTS PLAY SERVICE, INC., and paying the requisite fee.
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Teatro Norte-Americano, Teatro Norteamericano

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