What Price Glory?

What Price Glory?

written by Maxwell Anderson, 1888-1958 and Laurence Stallings, 1894-1968 (1924) (Alexander Street Press, originally published 1926), 84 page(s)

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Alexander Street Press
Copyright Message
Copyright © 1926 by Maxwell Anderson. Used by permission of the Literary Estate of Maxwell Anderson.
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Maxwell Anderson, 1888-1958, Laurence Stallings, 1894-1968
Theatre, Music & Performing Arts, American Theater, Politics, Family, Teatro Norte-Americano, Teatro Norteamericano, Brigade Runner, Brigadier General Cokeley, Captain Flagg, Chaplain, Charmaine De La Cognac, Colonel, Corporal Gowdy, Corporal Kiper, Corporal Lipinsky, First Sergeant Quirt, Gunnery Sergeant Sockkel, Lieutenant Aldrich, Lieutenant Cunningham, Lieutenant Lundstrom, Lieutenant Moore, Lieutenant Schmidt, Monsieur Pete De La Cognac, Pharmacist's Mate, Private Lewisohn, Private Mulcahy, Sergeant Ferguson, Spike
Performance Rights
All rights, including performance rights, are reserved. Permission for the use of WHAT PRICE GLORY? or any portion thereof must be secured, in writing, prior to such use from the author's agent, The Robert A. Freedman Dramatic Agency, Inc., 1501 Broadway, Suite 2310, NY, NY 10036.
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Teatro Norte-Americano, Teatro Norteamericano

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