The Light of the World: A Modern Drama

The Light of the World: A Modern Drama

written by Guy Bolton, 1884-1979 and George Middleton, 1880-1967 (1920) (Alexander Street Press, originally published 1920), 212 page(s)

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Alexander Street Press
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Guy Bolton, 1884-1979, George Middleton, 1880-1967
Theatre, Music & Performing Arts, American Theater, Domestic matters, Intellectual matters, War, Politics, Teatro Norte-Americano, Teatro Norteamericano, Mary Rendel, Nathan, Ruth Ledoux, First Elder, First Magi, First Shepherd, Second Magi, Second Shepherd, Bert Adams, Jan Van Veen, Arthur Brooke, Anton Rendel, Simon Brock, Jonas Kurz, Agnes, Timothy, Pastor Saunders, Martin Gast, James Mayre, Paul Mayre, Raymond Hott, Margot Haser, Marna Lynd, Dathan, Ottilie, Susanna
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Teatro Norte-Americano, Teatro Norteamericano

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