Annual report of Splošno žensko društvo, 1910

Annual report of Splošno žensko društvo, 1910

written by General Slovene Women’s Society (Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana. ZAL, LJU 285) (1910) , 10 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
TITLE: Annual Report of Splošno žensko društvo, 1913. DESCRIPTION: The document is the annual report of Splošnoslovenskoženskodruštvo (General Slovene Women’s Society), the most important association of Slovene-speaking women in the Austrian half of the Habsburg Empire, for the year 1913. The report informs about the preparations of the exhibition “Jugoslavenskažena” (The Yugoslav woman), in cooperation with women’s organizations from Zagreb-Ženskaudrugazapromicanjenarodnepučkeumjetnosti i obrta (Women’s Association for Promoting National Popular Art and Crafts) and Udrugaučiteljica (Female Teachers’ Association). Due to the economic crisis related to the Balkan wars, the exhibition was postponed to 1914. French, English, German and Slavic delegates travelling to the Seventh Congress of the International Women’s Suffrage Alliance (IWSA) in Budapest, held the meeting in Prague from 8th to the 12th of June 1913. The Czech women convoked the meeting of Slavic women in Prague, protesting the decisions of Vienna and Budapest committees not to accept language equality at the congress. Croatian and Slovene women expressed solidarity with the Czechs, and sent the telegram to the Výbor pro volebníprávožen (Committee for women’s suffrage). The report includes the text of the telegram, in which the authors expressed a wish for establishing an Austrian Slavic women’s federation (a federation of Slavic-speaking women’s organizations within the Austrian half of the Habsburg Empire). The Slovene women expressed their regrets for being geographically distant from active Czech women, and for being obliged to be members of Vienna’s Bund Österreichischer Frauenvereine (Federation of Austrian Women’s Associations). The report documents the shifting alliances among women of different nationalities within the Empire, in this case under the influence of the Yugoslav and the Austro-Slavic political models, respectively. It also documents tensions between women activists from different nationalities in relation to the 1913 IWSA Congress in Budapest. Keywords: Women Interacting with Women, Social Movements, and Other Actors Beyond Empire; Women and Nation within Empire; Relations between Women of Different Nationalities; Women and Relationship Between Nations in the Empire; Women and Struggle Between Nations in the Empire; Women and National Languages; Empire and Feminism; Empire and Internationalism; Political and Human Rights; Social and Cultural Rights; Suffrage; Habsburg Empire; Budapest IWSA Congress 1913
Field of Interest
Women and Social Movements
Women and Social Movements, Modern Empires Since 1820
Corporate Author
General Slovene Women’s Society
Content Type
Government/institutional document
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Page Count
Women and Social Movements, History, Women and Rights, Women and Politics, Austria-Hungary (Historical Place), Imperio Austrohúngaro, Império Austro-Húngaro, General Slovene Women’s Society, Franja Tavčarjeva, fl. 1907, Františka Plamínková, 1875-1942, Marianne Hainisch, 1839-1936, Austro-Hungarian Empire (Historical Place), Political and Human Rights, Social Reform and Political Activism, Women, Colonization, Empire, and Post Coloniality, Social and Cultural Rights, Multi-Ethnic Participation in Social Movements, Empire and Internationalism, Empire and Feminism, Czechs, Austrians, Slovene
Social and Cultural Rights, Multi-Ethnic Participation in Social Movements, Empire and Internationalism, Empire and Feminism
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Austria-Hungary (Historical Place), Imperio Austrohúngaro, Império Austro-Húngaro

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