Annual report of Splošno žensko društvo, 1918

Annual report of Splošno žensko društvo, 1918

written by General Slovene Women’s Society (Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana. ZAL, LJU 285) (1918) , 13 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
TITLE: A Lecture on Women's Emancipation in Russia in the Beginning of 1902. DESCRIPTION: The text by an anonymous author, a Slovene woman living in Russia, provides information about the progress of women’s emancipation in Russia in the beginning of 1902. After starting with the reference about the debate over the use of the titles Miss and Mrs. in Parisian circles, the author reports that in Russia women are more interested in practical problems, such as the fight against prostitution. They establish programs for young female workers consisting in lectures, courses, and organized entertainment under the supervision of patronesses. In Petrograd, courses and schools have been established for training of young women in watchmaking, handicrafts, pharmacy, and agriculture. The document shows the circulation of information about organized women’s movements and the efforts for women’s emancipation beyond the Empire. The personal letters and reports from women from the same ethnic group living in foreign countries often served as the first sources of information for women activists eager to gain knowledge about the women’s movements across the world. Women’s organizations also relied on the exchange of journals and direct correspondence with fellow activists. The document is kept incomes from the archives of Splošnoslovenskoženskodruštvo(General Slovene Women’s Society), the most important association of Slovene-speaking women in the Austrian part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. As a major independent Slavic country, the Russian Empire was a culturally and politically important reference point for national elites of Slavic peoples within the Habsburg Empire. Keywords: Women Interacting with Women, Social Movements, and Other Actors Beyond Empire; Women and Education; Gendered Education; Education as a Source of Women’s Emancipation; Habsburg Empire; Russian Empire
Field of Interest
Women and Social Movements
Women and Social Movements, Modern Empires Since 1820
Corporate Author
General Slovene Women’s Society
Content Type
Government/institutional document
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Page Count
Women and Social Movements, History, Women and Rights, Women and War, Austria-Hungary (Historical Place), Imperio Austrohúngaro, Império Austro-Húngaro, Women’s Association for Promoting National Popular Art and Crafts, Yugoslav Woman, General Slovene Women’s Society, Franja Tavčarjeva, fl. 1907, Austro-Hungarian Empire (Historical Place), Women, Colonization, Empire, and Post Coloniality, Social Reform and Political Activism, Political and Human Rights, Empire and Internationalism, Multi-Ethnic Participation in Social Movements, Social and Cultural Rights, Empire and Feminism, Czechs, Serbians, Croatians, Slovene, 20th Century in World History (1914--2000)
Empire and Internationalism, Multi-Ethnic Participation in Social Movements, Social and Cultural Rights, Empire and Feminism
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Austria-Hungary (Historical Place), Imperio Austrohúngaro, Império Austro-Húngaro

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