Competitiveness of India in Sports Goods Exports

Competitiveness of India in Sports Goods Exports

in Journal of International Business Education, Vol. 9, 2014, pp. 125-144 (Edinburgh, Scotland: Neilson Journals Publishing, 2014), 20 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
By K. Rangarajan, Saswati Tripathi, and Gargi Basu. This paper examines the current position of sports goods exports from India and recommends a shift in focus from the traditional and low value items with a shrinking market towards modern, value added and technology based items that have increasing demand in the global market. The study concludes that the traditional forte of Indian sports goods manufacturers is no longer sustainable and recommends suitable adjustments towards changing market tastes and preferences. Such identification of potential sports goods items and markets has been done using an integrated matrix applying trade indices such as Revealed Comparative Advantage, Trade Intensity, Regional Orientation and Competitor Spread. The study also analyzes the industry structure and value chain of sports goods industry and gives suggestions at policy, industry and firm levels.
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Journal of International Business Education, Vol. 9, 2014, pp. 125-144
Travel, Business & Economics, Personal Interest, Social Sciences, International Travel, Sports, Miscellaneous Manufacturing, Viajes Internacionales, Viagem Internacional, India
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Viajes Internacionales, Viagem Internacional

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