The Ballad of Emmett Till

The Ballad of Emmett Till

written by Ifa Bayeza, fl. 2007 (Privately Published, 2006, originally published 2006), 108 page(s)

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Abstract / Summary
A month after his fourteenth birthday, a confident Chicago youth, a boy on the threshold of manhood, embarks on a summer trip to Mississippi. His saga changes the course of a nation . . . but what of his own journey? The story of a quest . . . the pursuit of happiness, of liberty . . . and . . . life!
Field of Interest
Privately Published
Copyright Message
Copyright © 2006 Ifa Bayeza
Content Type
Sub Genre
History, Biographical
Original Publication Date
Page Count
Ifa Bayeza, fl. 2007
Publication Year
Privately Published
Theatre, Music & Performing Arts, Black Theater, American Theater, Hate crime, Racism, Murder, Emmett Till, Killed, Greenwood, MS, August 28, 1955, Teatro Afroamericano, Teatro Afro-Americano, Teatro Norte-Americano, Teatro Norteamericano, Emmett Till, 1941-1955, Chicago, IL, Money, MS, Emmett Till, Mamie Till-Bradley, Mamoo, Mose Wright, Wheeler Parker, Heluise Woods, Simeon Wright, Maurice Wright, Elizabeth Wright, Ruthie May Crawford, Johnny B. Washington, Caroline Bryant, Roy Bryant, J. W. Milam, H. L. Loggins, Woman 1, Man 1, Woman 2, Man 3, Man 2
Keywords and Translated Subjects
Teatro Afroamericano, Teatro Afro-Americano, Teatro Norte-Americano, Teatro Norteamericano

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